TJed Ingredient #36: Grandparent Mentoring

This is one of my favorite ingredients that make up the TJed philosophy!  Ingredient #36 is about Grandparent Mentoring.  This philosophy states that “children need to be tied to the older generation, and nothing does this more effectively than quality mentoring” (The Phases of Learning p. 159).

I feel very fortunate to have parents that support my decision to homeschool (in fact, it was my mom that planted the “homeschool seed” in my mind early on, by giving me a Sonlight catalog).  We never did end up using Sonlight for anything other than science, but the catalog is very inspirational!

One of my favorite things to do towards the end of the school year, when spring has sprung, and we’re dying to get outside and down to the farm, is Farm School.

In the past, we’ve learned about raptors, trees, and sheep.  This year grandpa taught them about forestry and wood working.  Grandma taught them about wool arts and gardening.  We only went down to the farm three times in April/May, because the weather didn’t cooperate, but the girls were able to have a few formal lessons from grandparents, plus a LOT of time to play in the wood shop to work on projects (including an impressive 4-H project for the county fair), explore the creek, and just be city kids playing on a farm.

It’s been fabulous, and I’m very thankful for the grandparent mentoring that my kids get to experience as part of “school” (or life, in this case!).


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