TJEd Ingredient #10: The Annual Break

We’re right in the midst of our annual summer break!  It’s been wonderful so far.  This “ingredient” in the TJEd philosophy is so, so important to me.  It gives me time to recharge, force my mind to redirect itself away from school mode, and just exist.

In The Phases of Learning by Oliver and Rachel DeMillie, the annual break is a prescribed time to play more, take time away from regular life, create memories, and enjoy the “virtually limitless supply of classical materials in the beautiful outdoors to ponder and learn from” (Phases of Learning, 101).

Here’s why I love our annual break:

  • Lots and lots of quality cousin bonding time
  • Lazy afternoons at the farm
  • Family meals together outside
  • Bonfires
  • 4-H Overnight camp
  • 4-H Day camp
  • Deepening friendships
  • Educational opportunities disguised as fun activities
  • Hours of free time exploring the neighborhood with friends
  • The county fair
  • 4-H Workshops (rabbit camp, anyone?)
  • Adventures to state parks and historical sites
  • Sleepovers
  • Birthday parties
  • Hours and hours to sit and read
  • Monarch butterflies
  • Beaches
  • Antique car shows
  • The farmers market
  • Did I mention 4-H??

I could go on and on!  Another thing that I love (and I feel slightly guilty for loving this), is that I get two kid-free weeks.  One week while they’re at 4-H day camp, and another while they’re at farm camp.  It’s time I use to deep clean their room, veg on the couch guilt free and work on planning *anything* in a quiet house, skipping meals, drinking wine while eating Thai food and watching movies, and going on dates with Bud to places we’d never bring the kids.

The annual break recharges me and prepares me to be my best once the school year starts back up in September.



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