First Day of School, Seminole Indians, and Wild Edibles

Welp, there we have it!  Our first week of school is under our belt, and I have to admit, it went pretty well!

Here’s what we did:

We took our annual Back-To-School picture in a very unconventional way.  Normally my kids put on their cutest outfits, and we go somewhere pretty to take photos.  This week, it was gloomy and rainy on the first day.  The kids didn’t want to get out of their jammies, so we took a picture on our balcony.  I think this picture is proof of what a relaxed homeschooler I am, now 😉  He he.


We worked through our lessons as planned.  Millie really loves Writing With Skill, she’s fully understanding her math lessons, and her cursive refresher course is going surprisingly well.  Elise loves plowing through her language lessons (I think she did five lessons on the first day), spelling is going well, and math…well, that’s a different story.  She seems bored with it.  As always, the book has a lot of review at the beginning.  I started her on lesson 16, and she’s now on 23.  Hopefully we’ll get to a point this coming week, where she’s feeling adequately challenged.  I’ll make sure of it!


We’re learning about early American history this year, so we started out learning about the Seminole Indians of Florida.  This is where all my hard work and planning comes full circle, folks.  Millie read The Talking Earth for her assigned reading this week.  She gobbled it up in 3 days.  On Thursday, we had our Seminole lesson.  She had already learned so much from reading The Talking Earth, that she was able to chime in with facts and information about that tribe, that we didn’t cover in our lesson.  It was amazing.

Friday was our first Field Trip Friday event of the year.  It was so great to see so many friendly faces again!!  We went to Silverwood Park for a wild edibles class.  I learned a lot, and I know the kids did, too.  The educators there are super passionate (and hilarious), and they make it super fun.  After the kids learned about wild edibles, they came back and made a plant press/journal for keeping samples of all the edible plants they found.

This weekend will bringing g a monarch workshop through 4-H (I’m hosting), and a birthday party for my nearly 8 year old, sweet little girl!!

Find out what other homeschoolers were up to this week, here:



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