Growth Factors, SciGirls, and Iroquois

img_20160912_093650Week two is complete, and we’re off and running!

It feels so good to be back into a routine again.  It’s funny how I’m so relieved to be free from routine by the end of May, but excited to have my routine back by September.


Here’s what we did this week:

0912161330Millie had her first day of co-op.  She loved it, of course.  She really loves her Zoology teacher.  While she was at co-op, Elise and I walked to the Public Television building to pick up a DVD for Wednesday’s SciGirls class.  We stopped to play at a playground, and take pictures by the Sesame Street mural 🙂  After co-op, we went to Snuffy’s Malt Shop for our annual first-day-of-co-op treat.  For a surprise, dad met us there!!  When we were sufficiently full of ice cream, we went to a park for nature study.  Nature study!  We finally did it!  We focused on a tree, and sketched it from far away, kind of far away, and close up.  Then, we measured the tree, identified it, and applied the growth factor to it, and determined that it was 69 years old.  So cool!!  Now I want to go out in the woods and check out the age of all the trees.  He he.

0914161321aMillie had her first day of SciGirls on Wednesday.  It was super fun, of course.  They learned all about bees.  I learned SO MUCH.  I had no idea how complex those little bugs are.  We had a mentor from Pollinate Minnesota come in and speak to the girls.  She brought a hive, honey from different fields for the kids to sample, and bee keeping suits for the girls to try on.  It was an absolute blast.

img_20160915_134237We continued history with a lesson about the Iroquois Indians.  I meant for the girls to make mini birch bark canoes, but I didn’t acquire the supplies.  Ugh.  That’s the most frustrating part of homeschooling, I think.  Great ideas, not enough supplies on hand.  We’re going into further detail next week, so maybe I can scrounge up supplies by then.



Friday, 0916161447the girls had a chance to play for 3 hours at a playground with friends.  THREE hours!!  It was so great to be outside, chit chatting with other homeschool mamas, and soaking up the last of the summer heat.  It was fantastic.  The girls went on a nature walk and found a turtle.  It was one of several turtles they’d find before the weekend was over…

As far as academics go, we had a blast!  Elise learned about states of matter, and did a few cool experiments, she fell back in love with math, and she did some fantastic printing and drawing from her Draw Write Now book.  Millie started in on a fun math unit using Your Business Math – Pet Store Math.  She’s starting a mock business, and learning how to run it.  So far, she has ordered inventory, and priced her items.  She’s ready to open for business on Tuesday!  She also produced a fantastic piece of writing from her Writing with Skill book, learned some Latin, and practiced her cursive.

Want to know what other homeschoolers were up to this week?  Click here!



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