We just wrapped up week four of 7th and 3rd grade, and I’m already feeling way too over-scheduled.

We’re getting lessons done, and having fun with friends, but it’s a real scramble.  The condo is for sale and we have showings during the day, I have too much on my plate running to many different clubs, and I’m stressed out with trying to find time to exercise, do my own school work, and maintain my home.

There are two things I’m looking forward to that are keeping me plowing forward right now:

  1. I have a homeschool mamas retreat coming up in a couple weeks.  I’m hoping that spending a few days with other experienced, insightful moms will help me figure out what to do.
  2. I’m planning on doing the “Six Month No,” one of the TJEd ingredients I never thought I’d do.  I’m waiting until after the moms retreat, though.

Here are a few pictures from the past two weeks:

Are you interested in finding out what other homeschoolers were up to this week?  Click here.


2 thoughts on “Too.Many.Activities.

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