Lego League, Grant Wood, and Natural Boats

If you read my last post, you know that my head is spinning from all this homeschool stuff.  We’re socializing a little too much, and not staying home enough.  I’m going to work on a new plan over the weekend to ensure that we’re getting our work done.  I’ll share my plan soon…

This week was very full.

1003161138_hdrMonday, as always, was co-op day for Millie and and Lego League day for Elise.  It was absolutely beautiful out, so our Lego League team met at a park.  The theme for year is “Creature Craze,” in which the kids learn all about bees, and study animals and habitats that they interact with.  So, naturally we had Pollinate Minnesota come out to talk to the kids.  She did an informative presentation, and let the kids try on bee keeping suits, taste honey, and look at a hive.  It was similar to the class we did for SciGirls a couple weeks ago, but on a different level.

1004161339aTuesday was our first Meet the Masters class of the year!  I taught about Grant Woods.  It was really enjoyable for me as the teacher, as I really liked the art project we did.  Our little artists made really great pieces of art!!



Wednesday, we had gym class in the morning.  Millie opted to stay home because she was tired. Afterwards, we came home for a full afternoon of school.  This was our first chance to sit down and get work done this week.  Ugh.  Millie worked on Your Business Math, Writing With Skill, Latin, and cursive.  It was almost all independent work, so she plugged away at it on her own (except the math part).  Elise wrote a lot of thank you cards, did math, and had a spelling lesson.

1006161113Thursday is our one day at home, but guess what.  We opted to leave. My  outing moved back to town, so we got the kids together and took a little walk by the Mississippi. It was wonderful to be outside!  So, we got all of our core subjects done in the afternoon, but didn’t get around to our history lesson.  By this point, I’m quite anxious about  being out too much, and not home enough.  See what I mean??


Friday, we had a showing on the house in the morning, so we had to leave.  By the time we got home, we had time to snarf lunch before heading out to our Field Trip Friday event of the week, Natural Boat class.  The class was really fun, and it was nice for them to get out and enjoy the weather.  It was quite chilly, but everyone dressed for it, and loved playing around in the woods, gathering supplies to build boats and beaver dams with.



So there we have it.  A very busy week.  I have some ideas that I need to document and implement that will help me feel less guilty when we have weeks like this…  Stay tuned!

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