Halloween, Blackbird Pond, and Native American Games

1101161508I always seem to start these posts talking about the weather, but it’s been quite an anomaly, here in Minnesota.  It’s been SO warm, we’ve been able to spend quality time outside (in t-shirts, nonetheless!) every day.

Here’s what we did this week:

Monday was Halloween!  One of my top five holidays of the year 🙂  The day started out as usual; Millie went to co-op, and Elise and I did science at home.  We did the experiment with the raisins and the 7-up.  You know the one?  It was really cool.  After school, we got ready to get our Halloween on!  We went to the inlaws for dinner, and then went trick-or-treating with the neighbor kids.  It was super fun!

1101161300Tuesday we went to the Witch of Blackbird Pond book club.  We all LOVED that book!  After the discussion, the kids did a few activities, including carding wool, writing with a quill pen, and making knots.  Afterwards we got outside to enjoy the wonderful weather.  The point of our walk was to collect sticks to use as a “thankful tree,” but also enjoyed walking along the Mississippi, swinging from vines, and romping through the woods.

1104161426Friday we had a field trip to a nature/art park.  The kids learned how to play Native American games, and used natural dyes to make a wall hanging.  It was yet another wonderful day to spend outside with friends!


Of course, in addition to the outings, we had regular academics as well 😉

Millie is making great progress on her math.  She started out in early elementary as a math whiz.  As time went on, her academic progress slowed down, and she grew to dislike math.  It’s been a bit of a struggle.  Suddenly, she’s getting it again!  It’s soooo great to see her excitement about math come back.  Perhaps she just needed a little time to mature a bit?  Who knows.  I’m just glad she’s “back.”  She even asked if she could look through her algebra book AND begged to do math drills.  Crazy!!

Elise has been working on All About Spelling, which is such a great program.  It has helped her become a pretty great speller.  This week, however, she decided she’d had enough of the repetition.  She asked to try a different curriculum, so I dug out the Rod and Staff book I bought at the homeschool convention last spring.  She loved it, and did a full lesson by herself.  I don’t know if we’ll love it yet, but it’s really nice that she can work on her lesson independently.

Our homeschool week carried into the weekend with a Makers Market, where Elise sold bath salts.  She came up with the idea herself, bought the supplies herself, created the essential oil blends herself… It was pretty impressive 😉  She made $40!!


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One thought on “Halloween, Blackbird Pond, and Native American Games

  1. I have a little math whiz, and I’ve been wondering if she’ll do the very thing you described your daughter going through. I don’t want to force her to slow down, but I also don’t want her to lose her love/passion/drive by going too fast. I find it heartening to know that your girl found her love again.


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