Georgia O’Keeffe, Wedo2, and A Baking Lab

Some weeks are really productive, and we finish up on Friday thinking we did an excellent job.  Other weeks, we finish up the week in a fashion that leaves me wondering how we’re going to “catch up” on the things we missed.  I don’t like the idea of being behind, so I don’t let myself dwell on it too much.  At this point, I am keenly aware of the fact that we haven’t done the past 4 history lessons on my calendar.  Yikes.  History is my favorite; my true passion.  How could this happen??  Well, we’ll make up for it next week (Thanksgiving week).  We’ll have a history lesson extravaganza.  Stay tuned 😉

This is how we occupied our time this week:

1114161049Monday was Jr. First Lego League.  It was the first one in which the kids got to explore coding with the Wedo2 system.  It was fun to watch the kids dive into the programming aspect of it, as if they were old pros.

On Tuesday, the kids learned all about Georgia O’Keeffe at their Meet the Masters class.  It was a super small group (girl power!), but they had so much fun.  This was my favorite art project they’ve made this year.  Fridge worthy, for sure!

1116161200Wednesday was my annual mother/daughter/sister shopping day!  It’s one of my favorite events of the year.  🙂  My mom, sister, and I go out and make a serious dent in our Christmas shopping.  This year we hit up Hobby Lobby, Target, and Creative Kidstuff.  After my mom went home, my sister and I went out to the Mall of America to hit up JM Cremps.  I love that store!!  When I got home, I placed a big order on Amazon.  I’m still not done with my shopping, but I definitely made some progress.  While I was shopping, the kids stayed home and worked on the list I set out for them.  In the morning they did school work (Latin, spelling, and math).  Dad came home for a long lunch break in the early afternoon.  After that, they had chores to do, and then had lots of time to play on their electronics.

Friday was Field Trip Friday, and we went out to the Mill City Museum Baking Lab.  The kids learned all about the milling industry, and how it shaped Minneapolis, and then got to enter the baking lab (we’ve been wanting to do this for years!!), to make drop biscuits.  It looked like a lot of fun!

1118161044I’d like to say we made a lot of progress on academics this week, but unfortunately it was just too busy.  They did some, of course, but not as much as planned.  I fully blame it on the holiday season.  🙂  Millie wrote a 5 paragraph essay about rabbit diet, Elise wrote a paper about bugs, they did some math, we did our thankful project…  Last year we took the entire month of December off.  While we’re not doing anything that extreme this year, I will allow myself some grace as we ease our way up to Christmas, doing service projects, reading Christmas books, baking, and enjoying the season.

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