TJEd Ingredient #17: The Field Trip

If there is a TJEd ingredient that I do well, it’s Ingredient #17: The Field Trip.  By “do well,” I mean it works out well for our family.  Our take on the field trip is a little different than the description in The Phases of Learning.  In The Phases of Learning, the field trip is described as, “…a bigger field trip with several families involved is a fun experience.  But it is important to make it a true field trip by planning ‘down time’ where the children naturally spend time just sitting and pondering or maybe talking with parents.”  For us, the goal of the field trip is to get out and mingle and meet new friends in an educational setting.

Early on in our homeschooling journey, we were part of a group that met up every Friday.  At the time, that was our one big outing for the week.  We did great things like nature class, park dates, science class, and tours.  It’s where my older daughter made all her friends when we first started.  Many of the kids she befriended back then, are still actively in her life now.  Over time, the group fizzled out.  Since my youngest daughter was a toddler when we first started, so she didn’t make the same kind of friendship connections as my older one.  So, as a person that seems to really enjoy starting clubs, I started a field trip club, called Field Trip Friday.

Field Trip Friday meets up every other Friday (approximately), and we do fun things together.  Highlights this year include:

  • A trip to a llama farm
  • Wild edibles class
  • A baking lab
  • The Elves and the Shoemaker play
  • Ice skating
  • Show shoeing
  • Exploring a marsh
  • Clay class
  • One room schoolhouse experience

This is a vital part of our homeschool.  It allows other mentors to reinforce what we’ve been learning about at home, and gets the kids out meeting and mingling with friends.




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