Share the Fun, Marshmallow Shooters, and Jamestown

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a big fan and probably a little overly obsessed with planning things.  So much so, that I’ve started planning activities for next school year.  What?!  Yep.  I’m talkin’ the 2017/18 school year.  I’m trying to restrain myself (with no avail), because if I plan everything now, I’ll have nothing left to do this summer…

Our post Christmas hangover is officially over.  We’re back in the swing of things, doing lessons, and hanging out with friends.  It feels good to be back!

This is what we’ve been up to this week:

Millie has been reading The Courage of Sarah Noble out loud to us, Elise has been reading The Littles, and I’m reading Blue Birds out loud to them.  Millie has also managed to devour several other books that aren’t on her assigned reading list.  She’s been reading (finishing?) the Unwanteds series.


Millie had co-op (the second week of the semester.  She’s taking zoology and art, still).  While she was at co-op, Elise and I had Jr. First Lego League.  It was a super small group, but the kids had fun learning about and building levers.  Afterwards we went to the library, and then back to the condo.  We aren’t living at the condo now that it’s winter.  We’re house sitting in the ‘burbs again.  It’s nice to have the condo to crash at, though.  This time of year, we spend a lot of time at 4-H in the evening, and it’s nice to be able to stay centrally located, rather than driving all the way back “home,” before heading out again.  This time of year brings so. much. driving.  Both girls are doing the 4-H Share the Fun skit, which means we drive to our 4-H location, 40 minutes away, to practice for their 6 minute skit, 3-4 times per week.  Oi.


Today we worked on our regular morning school routine.  Millie is brushing up on her math skills using different lessons from, and continuing to use Writing With Skill for writing.  I’m so thankful that book was recommended to me.  It’s wonderful, and Millie can work completely independently on it.  Win!  Elise is still plugging away at Saxon math.  She loves math a lot.  She did Queens Language Lessons and the cursive primer, too.  After lunch we met up with friends at a wood working shop, and they all built marshmallow shooters.  They loved the class, and I loved catching up with the other mama’s.


A stay at home day!  After our regular morning routine and lunch, we started back up with our history lesson.  We’re learning all about Jamestown, so naturally they built a model of the village.  It was fun to make the connection between Roanoak, Jamestown, and the English Queen/King that were making decisions at the time. It was interesting to imagine what it must have been like for people who were used to living in civilized England, to coming to a primitive village in a land so far from home.  Wednesday is neighborhood friends day.  Everyone is free to play that day, so they bundled up in snowpants, hats, boots, and mittens, and played in the woods for hours.


img_20170127_120220This was the day when things started breaking down for us.  We had school in the morning, but by afternoon, the girls wanted to do their own thing.  I let them forgo their history lesson so they could pursue their own interests.  I love that we have the flexibility to do that.  Sometimes quality sister time trumps anything else.


*See above*  Today was exactly like Thursday.  I did a lot of my own personal school work (an essay for my nature writers class).  We were going to make our January scrapbook pages to put into their binders, but that’ll have to wait, too.

It was a productive and relaxing week!

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