How We Handle Winter Doldrums

I’ve been talking about it for weeks, and we’be been hanging on, but we’ve finally succumbed to the winter doldrums.  It’s OK, I’m not panicking.  We’re dealing with it by taking care of ourselves, having fun, and doing some creative assignments to give ourselves a break.

Here’s what we did this week:


Over the weekend, Millie attended a leadership retreat through 4-H.  She came back exhausted.  By Sunday evening, I could tell that waking up at the crack of dawn to go to co-op would not be beneficial.  So, I let her “skip” school.  We did some work in the morning. Millie has been playing on a math app that is really, really great.  It’s challenging her and teaching new things.  I love it!!  Elise and I played a game with fractions.  After lunch, we met up with some friends at Nickelodeon Universe at the Mall of America for some ride time.  The kids had so much fun!  It was great to see friends that we don’t see enough 🙂


img_20170215_092907Valentines day!!  We spent the morning prepping the house for our Valentines party!  We had a few friends over, exchanged valentines, and hung out.  I saw a lot of smiling faces, even on the teen boys.  Success!


Today we met up with our SciGirls friends for a knitting gathering.  We started working on knitting hats to donate to people in need as our service project in January, but the girls didn’t finish.  So, we had a special gathering to finish the hats.  It was great.  I love those girls!!  Elise didn’t knit, but she brought her pom pom making kit, and made little animals (her current passion).


img_20170216_093442World Read Aloud day!  Of course, we had to spend a LOT of time reading 🙂  I’m currently reading Mary Jameson: Indian Captive.  It’s a really good book.  I can’t stop without hearing “Keep reading!” from the kids 🙂  Music to my ears!!  In the afternoon, we did nature study.  We sketched an item in detail, and did an exercise resulting in really great poetry.  I was seriously impressed with the poems the girls wrote.  Seriously amazing.  We used our Old Naturalist book as our guide.


Sick day 😦  Womp womp.  We were supposed to go to a nature center with friends, but couldn’t because Millie was couch-bound.  Elise and I ended up going to the condo to pack, and then come home and hang out.  It was a fairly unproductive day.  I’m not complaining, though.  As you may know, I love low keys days!!  I think I’ve been pushing Millie too hard (I didn’t mention that we are at 4-H events nearly every night until 9:15).  Perhaps when we get back to think we’ll plan more down time.

This isn’t the end of the doldrums, I’m sure.  Next week we leave for Texas, which will mix things up for us, and then I think we’ll have another “fun week” before digging back in.  I love that as homeschoolers, we are able to do what we need to do to nurture our souls during the most difficult month of winter.

Do you want to know what other homeschoolers were up to this week?  Click here!


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