TJEd Ingredient #50: Spring is For Science

“Each spring the world is re-born…experiments, readings, studies,

and other science projects flourish and grow in the spring.”

-The Phases of Learning, p. 176


In the book Phases of Learning by Oliver and Rachel DeMille, they detail the 55 ingredients that “introduce a recipe for success in raising children and upholding families with a Leadership Education” (DeMille 72).  While I’m not a TJEd purist, I follow the list of 55 ingredients to a degree of about 60%.  I am slowly working on incorporating more ingredients, but it’s taking time, which is OK.

Ingredient #50: Spring is for Science is another one of my favorite ingredients, and we’re embracing it wholeheartedly right now!  We’ve wrapped up “school,” and are doing a lot of fun science and nature study.  So far this spring, we’ve:

  • visited a nature center
  • practiced our field journaling techniques
  • dissected flowers
  • had a visit from a possum
  • looked at a lot of interesting bugs under rocks
  • participated in a nature scavenger hunt
  • learned about species area curves
  • learned to identify the species of birds in our new neighborhood
  • gone on hikes
  • spent a lot of time outdoors, simply absorbing mother nature’s glory

We still have a lot to do, but I’m winding down the school year, and my blog is going to fall silent.  I’ll pick it back up we the new school year gets closer.  I’m planning on spending most of the summer enjoying my patio, reading, drinking sweet tea, and soaking up the sun.  See you in August!


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